RRSP Loans


Maximize your tax savings with an RRSP Loan

An RRSP loan can help you realize tax savings, increase the size of your RRSP, and help you stick to your savings plan.  Whether you need to catch up from previous years or just this year’s contribution, we can help you with a low interest rate RRSP loan.


Benefits of borrowing for your RRSP contribution


Maximize your tax benefits

Offset what you may owe in income tax with an RRSP loan while building your credit at the same time.

Top-up unused RRSP contribution room from previous years

If you were unable to make your full contribution in previous years, top of now by applying for an RRSP loan through Quinte First.

Top-up this year’s contribution

Take every advantage of your RRSP and top up for the current year as well!

Use your refund to pay down your loan

When you receive your tax refund, you are able to apply it straight to the RRSP loan without any penalties.


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