MEMBER CARD® debit card


Safe and Secure Access to Your Money

A MEMBER CARD® debit card provides safe and secure access to your account(s) through a worldwide network of ATMs and most retail merchants in Canada and the US.

It gives you the freedom to access your funds instantly, and the control to spend only what you can afford.  All you need is your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you can obtain and/or change any time you feel you need to at your branch.


What are the Benefits?

  • It's your membership identification card
  • Minimizes the need to carry cash
  • Once activated with a PIN (personal identification number), your MEMBER CARD® debit card provides convenient access to your chequing and savings accounts at ATM and Interac direct payment services at participating merchants
  • As a member of THE EXCHANGE® network your Member Card® debit card provides you with access to thousands of ATMs across Canada ding-free.  Just look for Ding Free logo at the ATM to avoid surcharges.



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