Becoming a Member

Becoming a Quinte First member has its benefits, not only do you have access to a wide range of financial services, you are now a shareholder of the only truly local credit union in the Quinte area.


Why become a member?

As a member of Quinte First Credit Union you are more than just a number, you are an owner and member of our community and we believe in putting you first.  Being a Member of Quinte First is so much more than having a friendly place to do your banking.  Your hard earned dollars are kept right here in the quinte region where they can be invested in your neighbours, local businesses and the community around you.

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Discover the Co-operative Banking Difference

As a Credit Union member you get to experience the co-operative banking difference.  Co-operative banking is about putting your interests first.  We believe in banking where profits have a higher purpose - they're returned to our Members in the form of great rates and better service, and put back into our community.

We're committed to achieving financial freedom for our Members, and we believe that profits should benefit the people we're here to serve.



Membership Requirements

To be a Member all you have to do is open a Membership Share Account, which are your voting shares in Quinte First.  Once your Membership Shares are purchased you now have voting rights in the decision making process of your credit union.  All Members have equal voting rights regardless of their size of deposits.

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How To Join

Are you ready to become a Quinte First Credit Union member?  Simply complete our online membership application to get started and we will follow up with you to complete the process. 

If you wish to complete an application form in person, please contact our main branch at 613-966-4111 to schedule an appointment or visit your local branch.

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